What Can I Buy?

Here are some examples of things that students who have been awarded grants spent the money on in the past.

Some examples of the uses that some previous recipients have put their grants to:

  • Laptops, food, transport (bus fares, railway cards)
  • Stationery, photographic film & darkroom paper
  • Sketch books, camera lenses
  • Field trip expenses, printer ink
  • Text Books, field equipment
  • Work clothing, shoes, manikin heads
  • Scissors, brushes & clips, kit bags, hard drives
  • Lab fees, mapping supplies, revision guides
  • Loan repayment, enrolment fee, household essentials
  • Travel costs for international projects

This is not an exhaustive list. It has been compiled from just some of the things applicants have specified that they have spent the grant on when they are asked to complete their grant form.

Perhaps the only place it shouldn’t be spent is the student bar (they don’t usually give receipts!).