There are many ways you can support the Charitable Trust:

A one-off Gift from an individual or group of individuals, or from a company

The Charity will be very pleased to receive gifts of any amount for any reason. You might wish to make a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed on, or on the occasion of a significant anniversary or birthday, or perhaps a milestone in the life and work of a company.  Whatever the reason your donation will be used entirely to support young people. If it is your wish we will be pleased to acknowledge you as a donor on our website and, though it would not be our normal practice, we can even note the amount donated.  None of your donation would be used for administrative purposes, unless you wished this to be so.

The proceeds of a fund-raising event

It might be that you want to make the Charity the subject of a fund-raising event that you organise.  This might be a raffle, or a sponsored event, or a sale or goods or baking or jam-making – whatever fits in with your interests and generates an income for the Charity then it will be very welcome.  If it helps we will be pleased to try to arrange to have an information stand at your event so that we can let people know about our work and the way in which we can help young people.  As with all donations we will be pleased to acknowledge the gift on our website.

Regular Giving

If you wanted to support the Charity with a regular donation we will be pleased to help you set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order.  This is a really great way of supporting the Charity and it helps us to know that we have a regular income throughout the year.  With a regular income the Trustees could well be able to offer grants at other times of the year instead of just in the Autumn, as we do at the moment.


Gifts in wills are a particularly wonderful way of giving to the Charity. Gifts like this can help many cohorts of young people over successive years and be a lasting way of showing your support for them.

Whatever way you wish to make a donation to the Charity you can find further information by contacting our Clerk.  Her contact details are on our Contacts page.

THANKYOU for thinking about supporting our young people in this way.  The Charity itself is a lasting tribute to the lives and work of the Countess and Earl Of Devonshire and your further support through gifts can serve to enhance and further their wishes for many years to come.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank