My role as a Trustee by Paul Oxborough

My name is Paul Oxborough and I’m a local resident living in Heath since 2003. Some years ago I was asked if I would like to become a trustee of the charity, I was a little bit uncertain but then thought this would be a great thing to talk to my friends about. Being a … Read more

Exciting times

So this is the very first blog post from the Duke of Devonshire Charity trustees.we started in the 19th century now we enter the 221st century with a website! First of all we would like to thank the students from Chesterfield College for working so hard at putting this website together. We will do a … Read more

Welcome to the this blog

So it is 14th October and tonight we sit and go through all the applications we have received. Looking forward to meeting the other trustee’s and giving away this round of money. We will update you of the outcomes shortly – Paul