About Us

Holmewood & Heath Forward has been set up as a project of the Countess and Earl of Devonshire Heath Charity. It aims are to:

  • Match the Trust’s main funding through the work of a team of local fundraisers,
  • Set up and maintain a website which can become a platform for generating donations to the work of the Charity,
  • Explore opportunities for support from local Holmewood and Heath Businesses,
  • To look at how previous successful applicants to the Charity can have a role in fundraising

Part of this promotional work will be to join in other social and celebratory events in the community to help to ‘spread the word’ about our work and to celebrate the ‘heroes’ who support us. The Charity was set up in 1891 by the then Countess and Earl of Devonshire. They realised that time there was a need to support the children of families up and down the County who wanted to improve their future lives, and therefore, the future lives of their families, by supporting them through education and training in preparation for a trade, profession or calling.

This website was created in Partnership with students from Chesterfield College Digital Media Department. Special thanks go out to Ryan Huddart and Alex Stephenson

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